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Sex and sexuality after 60


This article explores the dynamics of sex and sexuality in individuals over the age of 60. It aims to dispel myths, address common challenges, and highlight the importance of sexual expression as a component of overall health and well-being in later life. The discussion integrates medical research, psychological insights, and sociological perspectives to offer a comprehensive view of senior sexuality.


  • Overview of the topic and its importance.
  • Common misconceptions about sexuality in older adults.
  • The purpose and scope of the article.

Biological Changes and Their Impact

  • Physical changes in men and women post-60 and their effects on sexual function.
  • The role of hormones in sexual desire and performance.
  • Medical conditions and medications that can influence sexuality in older adults.

Psychological and Emotional Aspects

  • Psychological impact of aging on self-image and sexual identity.
  • The role of intimacy and emotional connection in sexual relationships after 60.
  • Coping with loss (e.g., bereavement, divorce) and its impact on sexuality.

Societal Attitudes and Cultural Norms

  • How societal perceptions of aging influence senior sexuality.
  • The impact of cultural norms and stereotypes on the sexual behavior of older adults.
  • The need for greater societal acceptance and understanding.

Sexual Health and Safety

  • Importance of sexual health in older age, including STD prevention.
  • Navigating sexual health issues and available treatments.
  • Safe sex practices and their relevance for the older population.

Enhancing Sexual Experience Post-60

  • Ways to adapt to changes in sexual function and maintain a fulfilling sex life.
  • The role of communication, experimentation, and intimacy.
  • Accessing resources and support for sexual health and wellbeing.


  • Key takeaways about sex and sexuality in later life.
  • Encouragement for continued exploration and expression of sexuality post-60.
  • The need for more inclusive and open conversations about senior sexuality.


  • Citing relevant studies, literature, and expert opinions on the subject.

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