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Ventolin Pills

Ventolin Pills
Ventolin is used to relief symptoms of asthma, to treat patients with chronic obstructive bronchitis. It works relaxing muscles of bronchi and widening the air ways.

Brand: Salbutamol

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Exp. Date: May 2024
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Product description

Drug Title

Ventolin (Salbutamol)

Pharmacological action

Bronchodilator. In therapeutic doses it has a pronounced stimulating effect on beta2-adrenoreceptors of bronchi, blood vessels and myometrium. It has practically no effect on the beta1-adrenoreceptors of the heart.

Inhibits release of histamine, leukotrienes, PgD2 and other biologically active substances from mast cells for a long time.

Suppresses early and late bronchial reactivity. It has a pronounced bronchodilator effect, preventing or arresting bronchial spasms, reduces resistance in the airways, increases GER. It has a positive effect on mucociliary clearance (in chronic bronchitis increases it by 36%), stimulates mucus secretion, activates the function of the intermittent epithelium.

Inhibits release of inflammatory mediators from mast cells and basophils, in particular anti-IgE-induced release of histamine, eliminates antigen-dependent suppression of mucociliary transport and release of neutrophil chemotaxis factor. Prevents the development of allergen-induced bronchospasm.

Can cause a decrease in the number of beta-adrenoreceptors, including on lymphocytes. It has a number of metabolic effects: decreases plasma K+ concentration, affects glycogenolysis and insulin release, has hyperglycemic (especially in patients with bronchial asthma) and lipolytic effects, increases the risk of acidosis.

In the recommended therapeutic doses, it has no adverse effect on the cardiovascular system and does not cause an increase in BP. Compared with the drugs of this group, it has positive chrono- and inotropic effects to a lesser extent. It causes dilation of the coronary arteries. It has a tocolytic effect - reduces the tone and contractile activity of the myometrium.

After oral administration of unprolonged lekforms, the onset of the effect - within 30 minutes, maximum - 2 hours when taking the syrup and 2-3 hours when taking the tablets, the duration - 4-6 hours for the solution. Prolonged forms of the drug due to gradual release of the active substance through the tablet coating provide the necessary concentration in plasma to maintain therapeutic effect for 12-14 hours.


Oral - bronchospastic syndrome, bronchial asthma (including nocturnal - prolonged forms) - prevention and relief, COPD (including chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema).

Parenterally - bronchospastic syndrome (cupping).

Parenterally with subsequent transition to oral administration): threatened preterm labor with the appearance of contractile activity; isthmic-cesmic insufficiency; fetal bradycardia (depending on uterine contractions during periods of uterine cervix opening and expulsion); operations on the pregnant uterus (application of circular suture for internal uterine pharynx insufficiency).