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Plan B

Plan B
This drug is used for pregnancy prevention of women who had unsafe sex. It is not designed for frequent application and should not be used for existing pregnancy disruption (abortion).

Brand: Levonorgestrel

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Product description

Drug title

Plan B (Levonorgestrel)

Pharmacological action

Gestagen, contraceptive agent, pharmacologically active isomer of norgestrel. It affects the gonadotropic function of the pituitary gland, which leads to a slight decrease in the FSH and LH peak. Causes changes in the endometrium, which leads to a violation of the process of oocyte implantation. Helps to increase the viscosity of the cervical mucus, which prevents the promotion of sperm.

Levonorgestrel is twice as strong as norgestrel.


After oral administration, it is quickly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. To a small extent, it is metabolized during the "first passage" through the liver. Binding to plasma proteins is high. Metabolized in the liver to form sulfate and glucuronide conjugates, which are excreted in the urine and, to a lesser extent, through the intestine.

Contraindications to use

Hypersensitivity to levonorgestrel; pregnancy (including suspected); established or suspected malignant neoplasms of genitals and mammary glands; uterine bleeding of unclear etiology; history of pelvic inflammatory diseases or ectopic pregnancy; severe liver failure, acute liver diseases, liver tumors; thromboembolic disorders, thrombophlebitis, cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease; age under 16 years (for dosage forms for emergency contraception). For intrauterine contraceptive means - infections of the external genitalia; postpartum endometritis, septic abortion within the last 3 months, cervicitis, cervical dysplasia, congenital or acquired uterine abnormalities, including fibroids, leading to a uterine cavity deformation.

Application during pregnancy and lactation

It is contraindicated for use in pregnancy (including presumptive).

Levonorgestrel penetrates into the breast milk. It is not recommended to use during breast feeding.

Application in liver dysfunction

The use is contraindicated in severe hepatic insufficiency, acute liver disease and liver tumors. Caution is used in liver and biliary tract diseases, jaundice (including anamnesis).

Administration in children

The use in children and teenagers at the age younger than 16 years is contraindicated.

The use of levonorgestrel in the form of intrauterine contraceptive is indicated only after the onset of menarche (establishment of the menstrual cycle).

Indications of the active substance Plan B (Levonorgestrel)

Hormonal contraception (including emergency).

Idiopathic menorrhagia.

Hormone replacement therapy (as part of combination therapy).

Dosing regimen

Individual, depending on the dosage form used.

Taken orally in the form of mono- or combined preparations, used as part of an intrauterine contraceptive.