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Gasex is a herbal and mineral based preparation that has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. The preparation ensures that the digestive process effectively converts the swallowed food into finished products with an ideal balance of all the factors involved.

Brand: Gasex

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Exp. Date: June 2024
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Gasex 100 caps
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Product description

Description of the drug Gasex

Buy Gasex in Canada

Fast food on the go, chips, snacks, and half-cooked meals are nowhere near as healthy as advertised. Large amounts of fat and sugar lead to a gradual deterioration in digestive function, which leads to a heaviness in the abdomen, bloating, constipation and obesity. It should be noted that digestive problems are associated not only with poor and irregular nutrition, but also the ecological situation of the environment (and in big cities it is often very polluted) and the psycho-emotional state of a person (constant stress at work and at home) affect the digestive function ...

In order to normalize the work of the digestive system, it is recommended to take a preparation made from natural components Gasex by Himalaya.

Gasex (often this one is also called Gasex) normalizes the function of digestion: it increases the absorption of vitamins, micro and macroelements, has properties neutralizing acidity, as well as antispasmodic and carminative.

Taking Gasex prevents bloating, gas formation, relieves heaviness, and other unpleasant sensations after eating. For abdominal discomfort, indigestion and poor digestion, take Gasex Himalaya.

Indications for use (to control the following symptoms):

Appearance of the drug Gasex

  • Dyspepsia (bloating, heaviness in the stomach after eating);
  •  Poor digestion and indigestion;
  •  Discomfort, tension in the abdomen caused by increased gas production,
  •  Preparing patients for X-ray examination of the digestive system;
  •  Relief of discomfort in the abdomen during the postoperative period, as well as during the period of prolonged immobility of the patient during illness.

Method of application Gasex Himalayas:

Gasex a drug to improve digestion

 - two or three tablets twice a day, 30-60 minutes after a meal (if necessary, squeeze it with a warm or hot drink).

 - To improve digestion, take in the morning 30 minutes before a meal.


Despite the fact that Gazex is a fairly safe drug, there are contraindications to its use:

  • Hypovaporemia

  • Hypersensitivity to Gazex or any of its components

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should take the natural supplement with caution and are advised to consult with their doctor first. Always keep this drug away from children.

Useful information

The product does not contain sugar, artificial colors and preservatives, flavors and gelatin. Suitable for use by vegetarians.

Side Effects

Gasex Himalaya does not have any side effects when taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage.