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Finpecia is prescribed to treat, restore and maintain hair health.

Brand: Finasteride

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Exp. Date: June 2024
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Finpecia 1 mg
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Product description

This drug is the No. 1 agent in the world in the treatment of baldness and hair loss.

Buy Finpecia in Canada

The remedy for baldness, thanks to which millions of men around the world maintain their hair in the right condition, turned baldness into sleep or significantly slowed down irreversible baldness for years!

Contains in its composition the active ingredient "Finasteride" in a dosage of 1 mg. The drug "Finpecia" made the world-famous Indian pharmaceutical company CIPLA, which is one of the most technologically advanced companies in India.

Propecia (hereinafter Finpecia) (proprietary name "Propecia" or Propecia) is a medication for the treatment of male pattern baldness (MTO) - the only MTO treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as directed by a physician. Several years of investigation and the use of the drug by more than one million patients show that finasteride is intended for long-term use, it is effective and safe in the treatment of MTO, regardless of nationality.

In clinical trials, comparing Finasteride to a placebo (pacifier), it has shown that it can have a lasting improvement in stimulating hair growth andhair reducingloss. The side effect of "Finasteride" on sexual function affected less than 5% of men and 3% of those taking placebo, and disappeared completely after the end of treatment. Among those who continued treatment, 58% also disappeared side effects.

What forms of baldnesstreat does Finpecia?

Finpecia is intended only for the treatment of androgenic alopecia (hereditary, male pattern baldness). This baldness occurs in 95% of cases.

The drug cannot be used to treat other forms of baldness, because alopecia areata (alopecia areata), stress baldness, baldness caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients, etc. forms of baldness.

The nature of these baldness is different, and the principle of treatment.

What to expect from using Finpecia?

Finpecia tablet packaging

Finpecia usually gives very good results, allowing you to restore hair growth not only on the crown of the head, but also in the area of ​​the frontal bald patches. These areas are usually difficult to treat. The effectiveness in combating baldness is evidenced by the fact that about 86% of men who took the drug, the amount of hair remained the same or increased, and 65% had a significant amount of new hair to replace the lost hair. Moreover, Finpecia does not stimulate the growth of vellus hair (unlike many drugs), creating the feeling that something seems to be growing there, but normal real hair. The results achieved by different patients naturally differ. The most important thing that has been proven by clinical trials, the vast majority of patients using Finpezia, at least completely retain the amount of hair that they have today. Imagine if you go to the mirror two or three years later, you will see that you still have the same hairstyle as this morning. And there are great chances that a completely different person with normal hair will look at you from the mirror. (see figure 4. "One example of how the drug works.)

How quickly can results be expected?

Although Finpecia begins to block the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) (see chart in figure 1) immediately after application, it takes time for hair to begin to grow. that healthy hair grows on average by a centimeter per month, so it takes time to find visible improvement.According to clinical studies, it is necessary to take Finpecia daily for 3 months or more to become noticeable the effect - slowing down and stopping the process of hair loss . After 6 months of use you will notice the newly sprouting to replace lost hair, at what it is to be real hair. if Finpecia no effect during twelve months its further use is likely inappropriate.

How long does it take Finpecia?

you need to take Finpecy as long as you want to keep your hair, continue to restore and increase the amount. If you stop using Finpetsiya, you will most likely lose your previously recovered hair within about 12 months. We must remember the role played by Finpecia in blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When Finpecia is canceled, this hormone will again begin its destructive effect on the hair.

What are the contraindications for this supplement?

The drug is forbidden to be taken by women (pregnant women need to avoid even contact with it, since its active component is typically absorbed into the blood, through the skin, which can cause a negative effect on the development of the baby).

Does Finpecia have side effects?

An overdose of pills can cause short-term development of impotence, allergic reactions, pain in the chest and testicles.

If you notice a deterioration in your health while taking these pills, stop treatment immediately and consult your doctor.