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Female Cialis

Female Cialis
Female Cialis is a drug designed specifically for women, taking into account the characteristics of their reproductive system. Female Cialis is a modern stimulant with which you can return your former passion to your sexual relationship!

Brand: Tadalafil

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Exp. Date: May 2024
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Female Cialis 20 mg
270 pills - 20 mg
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180 pills - 20 mg
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Female Cialis 10 mg
270 pills - 10 mg
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180 pills - 10 mg
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90 pills - 10 mg
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Product description

About Female Cialis

Buy Female Cialis in Canada

Female Cialis was developed by scientists specifically so that a woman can get full pleasure from intercourse. In addition, the drug can be used as a prophylaxis for patients during menopause, as well as after surgery to remove the uterus (the drug allows you to avoid the deterioration of well-being associated with a hormonal imbalance in the body).

Female Cialis is available in the form of tablets with various dosages (10, 20 and 30 mg). The active ingredient in such tablets is tadalafil. It is he who enhances blood circulation in the body, including in the pelvic organs, immediately after ingestion, which contributes to the release of a sufficient amount of vaginal lubricant for a comfortable intercourse, as well as increasing sexual desire several times!

In addition, tadalafil affects the erogenous zones of a woman and increases their sensitivity, which makes intercourse more intense, and orgasm brighter.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of the drug is the deterioration or complete absence of sexual desire, however, in acceptable dosages, the drug can also be taken for prophylactic purposes.

What effect does Female Cialis have?Female Cialis Logo

  • Increase in women the need and desire to have sex. Even if a girl is cool about sex and seeks to “put it off for later”, pills for women can radically change everything.

  • Generic FEMALE UP helps a woman achieve a high level of natural arousal during preparatory foreplay. She becomes more sensitive to caress and touch of a sexual partner.

  • Maximum pleasure from bed pleasures. Since the vagina and clitoris are filled with blood as much as possible, their sensitivity increases to the limit. The woman feels sexual satisfaction faster and stronger.

  • Multiple orgasms are available to those who take Female Up.

Buying FEMALE UP will be a good idea for girls who want to improve their intimate life. For some, the price of FEMALE UP will be a symbolic payment for the opportunity to experience unprecedented orgasms.

Tablets Female Cialis instructions for use

Female Cialis - a sexual stimulant for women

Female Cialis tablets are pink and oval-shaped, packed in blisters in multiples of two. 45-60 minutes before the start of intimacy, you should take ½ (for the first dose) or a whole tablet and drink it with a glass of water. The drug is allowed to be used no more than once a day. Meals and alcohol in moderation do not affect the effectiveness of the tablets.

The causative agent begins to work in 30-40 minutes and is able to maintain the effect for up to 32 hours.

Female Cialis: Contraindications

Female Cialis is a safe drug that has undergone numerous studies prior to release. However, there are limitations under which it is better to refrain from taking this drug:

  1. Allergic reactions to the main or auxiliary component of the tablets.

  2. Cardiac decompensation and other severe heart pathologies (for example, a recent stroke). Before taking the pills, in this case, it is advisable to undergo an EKG and consult with the cardiologist with whom you are being observed.

  3. Peptic ulcer in the acute stage (during this period, any medication can provoke internal bleeding).

  4. Malignant neoplasms.

  5. Concomitant use of neuroleptics and psychotropic substances (consult your doctor before use).

  6. Minor age.

  7. The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  8. Concomitant use of other stimulants for sexual desire with a similar effect, especially on a synthetic basis.

As you can see, Female Cialis has a fairly wide list of contraindications, therefore, before using such a drug, especially if you have any health problems, it is important to consult your doctor.

Female Cialis and its side effects

In rare cases, most often, with an incorrectly calculated dosage or already existing contraindications, side effects may occur. These include phenomena such as nausea, dizziness and headaches, redness of the skin on the face (due to increased blood circulation), increased drowsiness or insomnia.

If such phenomena do not stop and occur again with each pill taken, it is recommended to stop using this drug and pay attention to other biological additives. In the event of a rapid heartbeat, changes in blood pressure, a strong allergic reaction, accompanied by swelling, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible.