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Ditropan tablets are prescribed for impaired urination function, frequent urge to go to the toilet, overactive bladder syndrome.

Brand: Oxybutynin

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Exp. Date: June 2024
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Product description

Characterization of the substance Oxybutynin

Buy Ditropan in Canada

White crystalline solid mass with a molecular weight of 393.9. Easily soluble in water and acids, relatively little in alkalis.


Ditropan drug label

Pharmacological action - spasmolytic, myotropic.

Blocks m-cholinergic receptors. Eliminates spasms and lowers the tone of smooth muscles: gastrointestinal tract, bile and urinary tract, uterus, especially well relaxes the smooth muscles of the bladder. In patients with a neurogenic bladder, it increases its capacity, relaxes and reduces the frequency of detrusor contractions, restrains the urge and reduces the number of urination (involuntary and voluntary). Well tolerated for long-term use - from 1 month to 2 years.

Application of the substance Oxybutynin

Neurogenic bladder, idiopathic bladder instability (with increased frequency of urination, urinary incontinence, urge to urinate, dysuria and other symptoms); hyperreflexia and detrusor dysfunction; nocturnal enuresis and neurogenic disorders of the bladder function in children over 5 years of age.


Hypersensitivity, glaucoma (closed- and open-angle), obstructive gastrointestinal disorders, paralytic ileus, enlargement of the colon (including toxic, complicated by ulcerative colitis), severe colitis, myasthenia gravis (including myasthenia gravis), uropathies of obstructive etiology, intestinal atony in elderly and debilitated patients, acute bleeding with instability of the parameters of the cardiovascular system, pregnancy, breastfeeding, children (up to 5 years).


Alcohol and other sedatives increase dizziness and drowsiness.


Symptoms: CNS excitement (anxiety, tremor, irritability, convulsions, delirium, hallucinations), facial flushing, fever, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, hypo- or hypertension, respiratory failure, paralysis, coma.

Treatment: maintenance of respiratory function, induction of vomiting, gastric lavage; it is possible to use activated carbon and laxatives; physostigmine is prescribed to reverse the symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication; for hyperpyrexia - cold compresses, incl. with ice, alcohol rubdown.

Precautions for the substance Oxybutynin

Use with caution in neurocirculatory dystonia, liver and kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, tachycardia, arrhythmias, arterial hypertension, BPH (especially in the initial stages), ulcerative colitis, diaphragmatic associated with gastroesophageal reflux), diarrhea accompanying incomplete intestinal obstruction (especially in patients with ileo- or colostomy), in old age. During treatment, it is not recommended to drive a car and engage in other activities that require increased concentration of attention and are associated with a risk to life (dizziness and visual impairment may develop). It should be borne in mind that high ambient temperatures often provoke the onset of fever and heart weakness (decreased sweating) against the background of oxybutynin.

Side effects of the substance Oxybutynin

Dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, decreased motility of the stomach and intestines, urinary disorders (including urinary retention), palpitations, tachycardia, vasodilation, weakness, dizziness, drowsiness or insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, decreased production of tear fluid, mydriasis, increased intraocular pressure, accommodation paralysis, visual impairment (amblyopia), decreased sweating, impotence, suppression of lactation, allergic reactions (rashes).