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Confido is a safe, non-hormonal Ayurvedic drug that directly or indirectly affects the higher centers of emotions in the brain and locally on the genitals. Confido helps a person to calm down and relax, restoring self-confidence.

Brand: Confido

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Exp. Date: May 2024
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Confido 60 caps
10 bottles - 60 caps
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7 bottles - 60 caps
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5 bottles - 60 caps
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1 bottles - 60 caps $35.91 $35.91 No Add to cart

Product description

Instructions for use Confido price CONFIDO

Buy Confido in Canada

tablets are a simple and safe remedy for ejaculatory disorders. If you have problems with fertility, sperm quality and quantity, it will be useful for you to buy CONFIDO and undergo treatment. Indian pills have a natural composition based on plant extracts of the best male herbs, which normalizes your sexual health and fertility. The well-known Himalaya plant produces pills for increasing the quality of sperm. Course 1 month = 2 jars.

What does Confido medicine consist of?

  • Male orchis - enhances libido and potency, is used to prevent prostate adenoma.
  • Astercanthus longifolia - improves prostate health and spermogenesis.
  • Wild lettuce - fights nocturnal poles.
  • Stisolobium burning - soothes the nervous system and prevents rapid ejaculation.
  • Suvarnavang - removes polyures and prolongs sex.
  • Rauwolfia snake - stimulates blood circulation and potency.
  • Hawaiian rose is an aphrodisiac, tones and invigorates.
  • Tribulus creeping - increases testosterone levels and sperm quality.
  • Mesh leptation - strengthens the body and stimulates sperm production.
  • Parmelia pearl - improves libido and normal ejaculation.

Many of the components are widely used in Ayurveda and oriental medicine, so the original price cannot be low.

What is the effect of CONFIDO?

The drug has two main functions: treatment of male infertility and treatment of rapid ejaculation. High results are achieved due to the synergy of the properties of the plant components that CONFIDO contains.

  • It is recommended to use pills to increase sperm quality in case of difficulties with conception
  • Confido capsules increase sperm motility
  • As a prevention of male infertility.
  • The tablets are intended for the treatment of rapid ejaculation.
  • It is also possible to use these tablets for the treatment of poles in adult men.

Original CONFIDO reviews indicate that tablets are also effective for prolonging sexual intercourse

CONFIDO tablets instructions for use

Confido packaging

CONFIDO Original is available in capsules that are packed in a plastic jar with a branded label. CONFIDO price in the range of quality vitamins for men. Tablets for potency are taken orally without reference to meals.

For the treatment of polyutia, spermatorrhea and male infertility, drink 1 capsule twice a day for 1-1.5 months.

You should take tablets for the treatment of rapid ejaculation twice a day, one at least 3-4 weeks.

It is cut to take herbal pills for the treatment of quick orgasm and pills for erection like Viagra at the same time.

Contraindications for use

Original products do not contain contraindications except for individual allergy to any component.

Side Effects

Confido does not cause side effects when taken according to the prescribed dosage.