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Anti Viral:

  • Aciclovir
    More info
    Aciclovir Brand: Aciclovir
    Aciclovir is an antiviral drug. Its action is aimed at suppressing infections caused by certain viruses in immunocompromised patients.
  • Acyclovir Cream 5%
    More info
    Acyclovir Cream 5% Brand: Acyclovir
    A drug for the treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the herpes simplex virus type I and II (HSV), chickenpox virus and shingles (varicella zoster -...
  • Adalat
    More info
    Adalat Brand: Nifedipine
    Adalat is needed for the prevention of angina attacks (including vasospastic angina pectoris), in some cases - relief of angina attacks; arterial hypertension, hypertensive...
  • Famvir
    More info
    Famvir Brand: Famciclovir
    Famvir is used to treat Herpes simplex infections (types I and II): primary infection, chronic exacerbation, prevention, shingles (Varicella zoster), postherpetic neuralgia,...
  • Procardia
    More info
    Procardia Brand: Nifedipine
    Procardia is a calcium channel blocker that is used for the treatment of angina (chest pain). It reduces and blocks the effect of normal calcium on blood vessel constriction and...
  • Rebetol
    More info
    Rebetol Brand: Ribavirin
    Rebetol is an antiviral medication is. It is used to treat hepatitis C. It does not work for colds, flu and other viral infections.
  • Symmetrel
    More info
    Symmetrel Brand: Amantadine
    Symmetrel is an antiviral drug. It blocks the action of the virus in the body. Symmetrel is used to treat and prevent influenza A (viral infection). There may be some types of...
  • Tulasi
    More info
    Tulasi Brand: Tulasi
    Tulasi is a herbal formulation that helps support the respiratory system.
  • Valtrex
    More info
    Valtrex Brand: Valacyclovir
    Valtrex is used to treat herpes zoster. It is also used to treat or suppress genital herpes in people who are immunocompetent.
  • Vermox
    More info
    Vermox Brand: Mebendazole
    Vermox is used to cure certain infections. The medicine is used to treat infections that are caused due to whipworm, roundworm, pinworm and hookworm.
  • Zovirax
    More info
    Zovirax Brand: Acyclovir
    Zovirax is a drug applied to treat chickenpox (varicella) or shingles (herpes zoster) and treat or restrain genital herpes infections. The drug may also be prescribed by your...